About Chef Publis
Mr. T.Pabilis Singho the most well known Master Chef in Sri Lanka today, He joined the Mount Lavinia Hotel in 1957 and was promoted to the post of cook in 1960 after an extensive training in all the sections. Mr. Pabilis Silva has been the cook for the late Sir Oliver Goonatileke, the then Ex-Governor General of Ceylon, and the late Sir John Kotalawala, one time Prime Minister of Ceylon.More...

An Introduction to Sri Lankan Cooking
If one is to describe of cooking in Sri Lanka, one must begin from the times of our ancestors. Being mainly an agricultural society with the teachings of Buddhism and combined with the guidance of Ayurvedic practices, the art of cooking was unique to this country alone. More..

The Main Ingredients Used In Sri Lankan Cookery
Over the centuries many individual ingredients have been used to enhance our dishes. The significant aspect of these are that there were no animal products like animal fat, milk etc included here. More..

Recipe Of The Week - Beef Dum Messa (Red Meats - Beef)

Chef Publis is also very famous both locally and internationally for his continued contribution to revive historical methods of cooking..More..

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Archive Of Earlier Recipes
All previous recipes will be listed here for your reference. Certain new recipes may refer to earlier recipes for techniques or variations of decorations and those are included here.More..